journey of harmony 1992-2022

What is Journey of Harmony? 

Journey of Harmony – The Heart Silk Road is a movement dedicated to inspiring a culture of harmony across the planet through Meditation Concerts, Wisdom Circles and Healing Ceremonies at Sacred Sites. Founded by Mystic Voice to pursue her calling to bring about the collective healing and transformation of humanity, millions of people in China and around the world have been deeply touched. 

What Inspired Lixin to create Journey of Harmony?

"I was born in the deep mountains near the tomb of the legendary Yan Di, founder of agriculture, herbal medicine and music, some 5,600 years ago. His burial ground became my sanctuary from the chaos and brutality that swirled around me during the Cultural Revolution in China.

Even as a child, I recognized the madness of what was going on around me and felt the suffering of the world. I had these questions burning in my heart: "Why did You send me to Earth?", "What is the root cause of human suffering?", and "How can I help humanity restore its lost link to Divinity?"

At the age of 15, I entered Tsinghua University. During my time there, I found some of the answers I was seeking in the Bhagavadgita, Tao Te Ching, and the teachings of The Buddha and The Christ. Disillusioned by what I experienced at Tiananmen Square, the despair was so great that I became even more driven to find a more comprehensive solution.

Over the next 3 years, studying at Stanford University, I discovered the writings of Baha'u'llah. In order to appreciate these words of wisdom in the original language, I started learning Farsi by listening to Sufi masters chanting. Hearing them chanting the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz woke up something very deep within me.

And all of this became the seed for my sacred chanting and Journey of Harmony." - Mystic Voice

Lixin the Mystic Voice praying for humanity at the tomb of Yan Di

Fields of Healing 2018, Australia

Opening Heart Silk Road in Peru 2016

India-China-Korea Journey of Harmony 2015

The First Journey of Harmony Concerts 2012 Shanghai & Beijing

Opening Heart Silk Road in the Middle East 2001-2006