A poem in Farsi by Tahirih, a gifted poetess and visionary born in the beginning of 19th century of Iran, "a clarinet of the Dawn of the New Age". She tore open the veil that had covered the women of the Middle East - a symbol of oppression of women for thousands of years. Her vision, audacity and eloquence shook the male dominated clergy order of Iran. She was suffocated to death in the wave of persecution that swallowed 20,000 of her fellow believers.


"If I ever see You, face to face, eye to eye, I shall recount my sorrows of Love because of You, point by point, line by line...In order to behold Your radiant Countenance, I have turned myself into the East Wind, wandering from door to door, house to house, street to street, alley to alley..." - Tahirih